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Livoltek Forges Strategic Distribution Partnership with Inovi Technologies in Pakistan

Livoltek, a leading player in the solar energy industry, has recently entered into a strategic distribution agreement with Inovi Technologies in Pakistan. With a firm commitment to expanding its range of solar energy products and positioning itself as a top-tier brand in the Pakistani market, the agreement represents a significant milestone for Livoltek’s operations in the country.

This collaboration will empower Livoltek to extend its distribution network and enhance product availability across all regions of Pakistan. The formal signing ceremony, held in Karachi, saw the participation of prominent figures including Mr. Zeeshan Mianoor, CEO of Inovi Technologies, and Mr. Jin Hong Meng, General Manager Pakistan. Mr. Mianoor expressed his pride in securing the nationwide distribution rights for Livoltek, recognizing it as a pivotal strategic business unit for solar distribution in Pakistan.

Inovi Technologies, previously known as Javed Electronic, has been serving its customers with high-quality products and services since its inception in 1995. As the official partners of SONY and Dell in Pakistan, Inovi has steadily expanded its operations from its initial focus on Sony’s RME (Recording Media and Energy) business unit to encompass the franchised distribution of Multimedia Projectors, Professional Camcorders, DVD Players, RCRs, and Mezzo. Throughout its journey, the company has consistently delivered a comprehensive range of products to cater to both end consumers and resellers.

The partnership between Livoltek and Inovi Technologies signifies a valuable opportunity to strengthen the presence of top-tier solar energy solutions in Pakistan and underscores Livoltek’s commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions to the region.

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