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Join Us Now

We firmly believe that the development and growth of the solar energy business must rely on the joint efforts of talented people from around the world.
LIVOLTEK respects creativity and diversity. We are recruiting worldwide, and we hope to have the opportunity to walk alongside you and create our brilliance together!

Together at LIVOLTEK

Livoltek offers a variety of positions worldwide that can help you achieve your career development plans with an open mind and creative intelligence.

Join us to start the great solar journey from today!

Focuse on solar business development

Immerse in cross-cultural teamwork

Embrace change and enjoy the good life

Where we work

Our working environment is a very positive one. You will find at Livoltek an ever-changing, highly challenging working environment. Our employees are flexible in the way they think and act. At the same time, they enjoy change and innovation. You’ll feel at home at Livoltek if you are open-minded and if you enjoy working with colleagues from all over the world.

What we make

We are committed to developing high quality clean energy products for global customers. In line with this, we provide complete, integrated solutions for the future of smart energy by creating quality solar products that allow for smarter and more efficient energy systems, while also building communities in sustainable energy.

Who we hire

Today, Livoltek is a global company with more than 100 employees worldwide in Brazil, South Africa and Mozambique Sri Lanka. As we work toward our vision for a solar-powered planet, we never lose sight of the three commitments that have guided us from the beginning: innovation, quality, and responsibility. If you are the one, come and join Livoltek now!

Join our Team

 Let’s write the future. Together.

“Working at Livoltek has been a very good professional and personal experience. Every day I learn something new. Livoltek has a good team to support me and our customers. It’s a really cool place to work.”

“Always focused on results and process improvement, as a very outgoing, proactive and determined person, I enjoy all my experiences at LIVOLTEK and constantly seek to learn and develop into a more professional solar product specialist.”

“It feels wonderful to be a part of such positive surroundings. I am warm-heartedly thankful for getting the opportunity to work under this organization.”

“Working at Livoltek has allowed me to meet more thoughtful people with great ideas, and it’s all very fascinating to me. I hope that more people from all over the world will join our growing team.”

All positions

Service Engineer in PortugalLivoltek Portugal🌍|Rua Carlos Lopes 6, 2635-101 Rio de Mouro, Portugal
Technical Support Engineer in PortugalLivoltek Portugal🌍|Rua Carlos Lopes 6, 2635-101 Rio de Mouro, Portugal
Sales in PolandLivoltek Poland🌍|Nowa 10, 05-500 Stara Iwiczna,Poland
Technical Support Engineer in PolandLivoltek Poland🌍|Nowa 10, 05-500 Stara Iwiczna,Poland
Office Manager in PolandLivoltek Poland🌍|Nowa 10, 05-500 Stara Iwiczna,Poland
Business Development Manager & Country Manager in the UKLivoltek UK🌍|55 Holloway Head, Birmingham B1 1HP, UK
Country Manager/BD Manager in ItalyLivoltek Italy🌍| via Ceradini 12 – 20129 Milano, Italy


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