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About Livoltek

Livoltek Power, founded in 2017, is committed to providing high-quality solar power for global customers covering residential, industrial & commercial, agricultural, and utilities. Its comprehensive portfolio includes PV inverter, battery inverter, off-grid inverter, IoT communication, and cloud platform for remote monitoring and expertise diagnosis. LIVOLTEK is a dedication to advancing the core technologies of power conversion and energy storage.

With the global supply chain and service network platform, LIVOLTEK is your trustworthy local partner to deliver professional, responsive services and create sustainable customer value.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent production, lower overall costs and higher productivity.

Global Supply Chain

Global supply chain and distribution network, make delivery faster, better and easier.

Excellent Quality Control

First-class QC systems strictly control the quality standard of each product.

Fast Response

Give customers quick feedback on any product, service, and after-sales inquiries.

Your Trusted Solar Solution Provider

As a member company of Hexing Group, Livoltek is a leading energy technology company that provides advanced solar energy solutions, battery power systems for home and industrial applications, and EV charger solutions for individual cars in an innovative way. Our monitoring system offers a remote service to oversee the whole powering data by our online monitoring web and LT-Portal app. The comprehensive product portfolio covers on-grid, energy storage, off-grid, and battery backup application scenarios.

Intelligent manufacturing

Innovation and quality are key values of LIVOLTEK. Thanks to the global supply chain, world-class R&D, and manufacturing capabilities. LIVOLTEK is committed to providing global customers with high-standard products and services. Our products are designed with high-quality components, 80% of which are provided by well-known international suppliers from Germany, Japan, the United States, etc.

Global Supply Chain

To ensure quality and high-efficiency output, a highly automatic production line implement end-to-end monitoring of processes from components to final products.

Quality Control System

All kinds of high-tech examination equipment and ERP system are applied to enable effective management of quality control. The inverters have passed various certifications and complied with regulations in over 20+ countries.

Brand mission

Powering all LIVOLTEK customers.

To be the first choice of energy storage solutions for solar customers worldwide.

Overseas Branches

LIVOLTEK is your trustworthy partner to deliver professional, responsive services and create sustainable customer value. LIVOLTEK has overseas sales offices and service centers in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Our global presence allows us to better serve our customers all over the world.


Hangzhou Livoltek Power Co., Ltd.
ADD|1418-35 Moganshan Road, Hangzhou, 310011, China

TEL/WhatsApp/WeChat(Sale)|+86 157 1576 8455
EMAIL(Sales)|[email protected]

TEL/WhatsApp/WeChat(Service)|+86 157 1576 8455
EMAIL(Service)|[email protected]


ADD|Office#5,7th Floor Shaheen, Complex, Egerton Road, Lahore

TEL/WhatsApp/WeChat(Sales) |+86 157 1576 8455
EMAIL(Sales) |[email protected]

TEL/WhatsApp/WeChat(Service) |+86 157 1576 8455
EMAIL(Service) |[email protected]


ADD|Rodovia BR 116, km 16, 7698
Pedras, Eusébio, Ceará, 61760-000, Brazil

TEL/WhatsApp/WeChat(Sales) |+86 157 1576 8455
EMAIL(Sales) |[email protected]

TEL(Service) |+55 41996262986
EMAIL(Service) |[email protected]

South Africa

Hexing Electrical SA (Pty) Ltd.
ADD|82 Roan Crescent, Corporate Park North, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

TEL/WhatsApp/WeChat(Sales)|+86 157 1576 8455
EMAIL(Sales)|[email protected]

EMAIL(Service)|[email protected]

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