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For a Green Future

As an energy-saving solutions provider with core competencies in green energy power, Livoltek ‘s business categories include solar inverters, storage batteries, EV chargers, IoT communication, and cloud platform. For years, Livoltek has been contributing with courage, passion, and innovative technologies to realize a clean, sustainable, and cost-effective energy supply worldwide. However, clean energy generation is not simply about the development and upgrade of the right technologies but also about how they are produced. That is why sustainability has been an integral part of our corporate DNA since the company was founded.

Purpose and Values

LIVOLTEK respects an approach to economic growth and social development that aims at efficiency, harmony, and sustainability. We value the power of nature and are dedicated to using it to bring people a better life. LIVOLTEK’s development philosophy goes hand in hand with the green energy that has so profoundly changed the way we live. We will inspire our endless possibilities to make good use of clean solar energy and shape a better future together with you.

Livoltek group value

We are working to create a sustainable future

We provide values and solve problems for global customers

We provide the most professional service and guidance

We are a strong team with common goals and purpose

Our Strategies

LIVOLTEK strategies articulate a shared belief across the team in our customers and company, and the value and impact we can bring together to our global customers. We are committed to serving our clients while achieving self-fulfillment and creating more value.

Customers First

Helping customers succeed

Constantly striving

Unity and mutual assistance

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