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At LIVOLTEK, we highly value the product experience of our global users, aiming to optimize our product design and provide superior services. Here, you can access valuable tips for using our products and find solutions to common issues. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.


Search for the keyword Propower from Google Play Store or Apple AppStore, download and install the latest version software for free.

  • Connect to the Logger’s network (Wi-Fi name is AP_*******)
  • Wi-Fi name and Password in Logger`s positive
  • A cell phone connects to the Logger’s Wi-Fi
  • Search the inverter list, and connect to the target inverter
  • If it is successfully connected, the home page will show the general status of the inverter.

The default mode is APP controlled start & stop, which supports plug & play and card swiping start & stop.

This depends on the battery capacity of the EV. For example, for a 43kWh battery, 7kW charger needs to be charged for 7h, 11kW charger needs to be charged for 4h, and 22kW charger needs to be charged for 2h.

  • Start for On-Grid:Grid→EPS→PV→Battery
  • Start for Off-Grid:Battery→PV→EPS→Grid


  • Let end customers use mobile phones to download and installation Solarman App
  • Click Register to enter end client user name, email address, password, and click Register to Register end client user account
  • registering the account,Click  to build Plant
  • Automatically pops up the scan interface and scans Wi-Fi Logger SN for Build Plant
  • Please fill in Plant AddressCapacityCurrency、name and your Contact information.Click Complete to build Plant.

Search for the keyword Propower from Google Play Store or Apple AppStore, download and install the latest version software for free.

When the inverter is turned on, the NET light is off because the router is not connected. The COM light is on because the collector is connected to the inverter. The READY light flashes slowly (1s on and 1s off), which means the collector usually runs.

Indicator light Mode Instructions
Grid Indicator light Twinkling At least one of the PV strings has a voltage greater than 90V
On (Twinkling Power Display ) When the machine is connected to the grid for power generation, every 30 seconds is a cycle. The first few seconds of flashing indicate the power level, and it is always on after flashing.Less than 20% rated power, every 30 seconds, flash once

20%-40% rated power, 30 seconds interval, flashing 2 times

40%-60% rated power, interval 30 seconds, flashing 3 times

60%-80% rated power, 30 seconds interval, flashing 4 times

80%-100% rated power, 30 seconds interval, flashing 5 times

Communication indicator Off There is no communication connection or the communication is abnormal
Twinkling A certain communication mode of Bluetooth, WIFI, GPRS, RS485 communicates normally
Warning Light Off The machine has no warnings and no faults
Twinkling The machine has a warning

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