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Livoltek Quality Control

Quality Assurance

At LIVOLTEK, we implement a stringent quality control system to guarantee the highest standards in our solar products. With over ten meticulous production and assembly stages, only products passing rigorous quality tests earn approval for shipment. We prioritize premium components, with 90% sourced from global industry leaders. LIVOLTEK is committed to delivering immaculate and secure solar solutions to our global clientele.

Livoltek Quality Control Flow

01 / Incoming Inspection

Thorough sample inspections of incoming raw materials align with ISO9001 standards.

02 / PCBA FCT Test

All printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) undergo a comprehensive function test before assembly, automated with professional Automated Test Equipment (ATE).

03 / The Hipot Test

Inverters undergo a Hipot test, ensuring compliance with safety regulations through withstand voltage and earth connectivity tests.

04 / Close-Loop Test

This test verifies inverter output accuracy and conducts a leakage current test for safety regulation. Samples undergo grid-test simulation to ensure safety and proper function, automated with professional ATE.

05 / Aging Test

A 6-hour aging test, conducted in a controlled environment at 50 degrees, ensures inverters maintain peak performance.

06 / Air Leakage Test

The Air Leakage Test certifies inverter compliance with IP65 regulations, providing robust protection against external elements.

Quality For Success

The meticulous control of product quality sets LIVOLTEK apart. Our commitment to lean craftsmanship and continuous technological advancements represents our unwavering dedication to global customer satisfaction.

Livoltek Solar Products

Consistent Quality

Quality Certificates

The numerous quality certificates received by LIVOLTEK serve as indisputable evidence of our robust R&D capabilities and unwavering product quality standards.

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