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Empowering the Future: LIVOLTEK’s Global Leadership and Revolutionary Energy Solutions

LIVOLTEK is committed to leading as a premier solar inverter manufacturer in China by leveraging its expertise in digital technology and power electronics. The company’s integrated approach combines advanced digital capabilities with photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage, resulting in intelligent optical storage solutions and home green power solutions designed to reduce electricity costs and drive widespread adoption of PV as a primary energy source.

Global Industrial Presence

LIVOLTEK’s world-class manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Ningbo in China, with additional plants in Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This strategic positioning enables efficient shipping to overseas warehouses, streamlining local sales and distribution, and reducing delivery times, customs complexities, and transportation costs.

Extensive Service Network

Renowned for exceptional technical services within the PV industry, LIVOLTEK offers comprehensive training, technical documentation, and pre-sales support through its Solar Academy for international and domestic customers. The company’s global customer service centers provide localized and exemplary services, with a team of professional technical engineers delivering precise door-to-door service and swift customer responses.

Diverse Product Portfolio

LIVOLTEK’s extensive product line serves residential, industrial & commercial, agricultural, and utility applications. The portfolio includes PV inverters, battery inverters, off-grid inverters, EV chargers, and a cloud platform for remote monitoring and expert diagnosis. With the mission to “Power Your Life with Green Energy,” LIVOLTEK focuses on technological innovation and delivering energy infrastructure products and services.


As LIVOLTEK continues to pioneer and innovate, the company remains dedicated to making green power accessible to various industries and households. With a commitment to service excellence and innovation, LIVOLTEK is poised to become the foremost inverter manufacturer in China.

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