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Livoltek’s Hybrid Solution Powers Up Company Dormitory, Achieves its Energy Independence

Address: China Hangzhou
Solution: 5kW Hybrid Inveter *3,6kW Hybrid Inverter * 1,5kWh Battery *8= 40 kWh

Livoltek recently completed a practical solar project in Hangzhou, focusing on a company’s employee dormitory. The installation comprises three 5kW hybrid inverters, one 6kW hybrid inverter, and a 40kWh lithium battery system, collectively ensuring a stable and self-sufficient power supply.

The dormitory’s energy needs are met by harnessing solar power through our reliable hybrid inverters. These devices efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity, stored in a high-capacity lithium battery system. This setup provides a consistent power supply, even during low solar generation or grid outages.

By adopting Livoltek’s hybrid inverter and battery system, the dormitory has achieved energy self-sufficiency, reducing reliance on the grid and minimizing electricity costs. The system’s intelligent energy management maximizes efficiency and minimizes wastage, contributing to a more sustainable power solution.

This installation not only benefits the dormitory but also aligns with the company’s commitment to renewable energy and environmental sustainability, demonstrating Livoltek’s practical approach to solar solutions.

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