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On-grid Hybrid Inverter

Product Highlights

Export Control Function

24/7 Local and remote monitoring

Compatible with high-current PV modules

Compatible with Lead-acid & Lithium battery

Hybrid solution for on-grid/off-grid/backup applications

How it Works

Power Your Car, Power Your Home: A Self-Sustaining Hub

In response to the rapidly growing interest in electric vehicles (EVs), our innovative hybrid inverter enables you to charge your electric car by linking it to your solar panels. This creates a self-sufficient renewable power hub, maximizing energy flexibility and minimizing your carbon footprint. Our smart energy control center seamlessly integrates power generation, energy storage, EV charging, and grid dispatching management systems, providing real-time monitoring and precise control of your energy utilization. With our hybrid inverter, you can charge your car, run your house, and live sustainably.

1.5x Power Battery-Ready: Maximize Your Investment

Paired with specific solar panels, this unique hybrid supports system oversizing by up to 150%, resulting in a 150% increase in energy yield. For instance, a 5KTL inverter can support a 7.5 kWp system, providing 5KW full power AC output for daytime energy consumption and 2.5KW power battery charge for nighttime energy use. This enables you to utilize 2.5 kW of additional power from your 5 kW inverter at no extra cost, maximizing your investment.

Adaptable to Your Needs: All-in-one or Split Application

With practical features like remote diagnosis and upgrade, as well as plug-and-play connectors, this hybrid inverter reduces installation and maintenance time and effort. Its compact design saves space and complements your home’s aesthetics. Additionally, it can initially be installed as a pure solar inverter and later retrofitted for storage with either lithium batteries (All-in-one Application) or lead-acid (Split Application) , with the option for easy expansion at any time.


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