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All-In-One Energy Storage System

Product Highlights

Easy & Fast Installation

Play and plug connection saves 40% installation time

Compact & Elegant Design

Unique arc design for all-in-one or split applications

Maximized Self-consumption

Maximize solar power, minimize grid energy

Flexible Storage Capacity

Large energy storage capacity up to 25 kWh

Smart EV Charger Protection

Complete protection against Over Voltage, Over Temperature, and Overload.

Easy Local & Remote Control

Simplify maintenance with remote diagnosis & upgrades for minimal effort

How Livoltek All-in-one ESS Work?

Smart Energy Management

  •  Active balancing and temperature monitoring
  • Real-time equipment control for extended lithium battery lifespan
  • Management with fault alarm notification

Safe and Reliable

  • Smart BMS managed LiFePO4 cells
  • Robust aluminum alloy shell for internal device protection
  • High-safety materials with 800°C thermal decomposition temperature

Real-time Remote Control

  • Extensive statistical data storage in the cloud
  • Remote configuration and firmware updates
  • Complete visibility of battery status, PV production, backup power, and self-consumption data


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