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Off-grid Storage Inverter

Product Highlights

Mains or Generator compatible

Lead-acid or Lithium battery compatible

Optional WIFI/LAN remote monitoring

Functional with or without a battery

Unique battery management system

Automatically switch PV/AC/Bat priority

Hybrid solution for off-grid/backup applications

110/220V optional

How it Works

Seamless Power Transfer with 10ms Switching Time

Experience uninterrupted power supply with our intelligent self-consumption inverter boasting a remarkable 10ms transfer time. Designed to swiftly respond to AC input loss, it ensures seamless power delivery to critical loads round the clock. With a seamless switch time of 10ms between modes, you won’t even notice when the switch occurs. Perfectly suited for sensitive equipment like servers, ATMs, and medical machines, our inverter guarantees reliable power support.

Customize Your Needs with a Friendly Design

Compatible with various power sources, our inverter empowers a wide range of applications. Its intelligent and simplified working mode allows you to choose how to power your loads, ensuring maximum convenience. Worried about power shortages? Fear not. This inverter seamlessly transfers electricity to your house while automatically adjusting the source priority based on your preferences. It goes the extra mile by preventing excess solar power from being wasted, avoiding injection into the grid. The optional split LCD screen and comprehensive display make customizing voltage range and monitoring a breeze, even if the inverter is tucked away in a corner of your house. Experience the freedom to power your way with our user-friendly design.

Manage Your Energy with Simple Finger Swipes

Built-in Bluetooth and optional Wi-Fi module offering full system visibility and remote troubleshooting, this off-grid inverter allows you to track the performance locally and remotely via tablet or smartphone apps. Also, by connecting your PC to the Ethernet port, you have direct access to your inverter’s graphs and data. A single USB port can update your software easily. Thanks to the intelligent monitoring system, you are warned in case a problem occurs which makes supervision and maintenance easier.


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