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LIVOLTEK Participated in Brazil PV Solar Industry Fórum GD

The Fórum GD and PV SOLAR Industry Sharing took place in Brazil. It is a big gathering within the PV industry, where all the industry experts are gathered. Livoltek, together with experts, shared deep insight into the global photovoltaic industry, demonstrating the innovative future of Renewable Power.

The MAIN events of the Renewable Energy sector and Distributed Generation and Solar Photovoltaic Energy were organized by the FRG Mídias & Eventos Group and have the partnership of the Brazilian Association of Distributed Generation (ABGD) and other entities related to the sector.

Propelled by supportive policies, the solar power industry is increasing rapidly. All-around world countries strive to pursue their carbon emissions reduction goals with renewable energy. To align with global climate goals, countries of the world pay important attention to developing sustainable energy, including renewable energy, storage, and hydroelectricity.

Our Brazil representative Anderson Escobar (PV product manager Livoltek Brazil), showed everybody on more detailed information on the LIVOLTEK solar inverter and some forward-looking ideas at green energy. The minimalist design makes installation and application easier. The panel adopts an ultra-thin design, making it smaller and lighter compared to competitive products.

Considered safety as the most important priority, Livoltek ensures advanced product safety and security, which is worth trusting for lifetime usage. As such an experienced solar energy supplier, not only do we supply competitive products, but we also guarantee after-sales service and technical support. Meanwhile, we provide a wide range of solar energy solutions, including PV Inverter and a series of solar inverters. To optimize user experience, Livoltek also features the PV product with intelligent monitoring systems, such as an On-line Monitoring System. All prove to be efficient and reliable for customers worldwide. Previous success cases ensure stable power generation with high performance, which is proven to work well in outdoor conditions.

Livoltek, a growth company, plays a pivotal role in the global photovoltaic market and solar energy industry. Meanwhile, it demonstrates that the photovoltaic industry is gaining incredible momentum and global presence in a carbon-neutral era.


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