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Livoltek Supports Uzbekistan’s Clean Energy Transition with Photovoltaic Project

Address: Uzbekistan
Solution: Grid-Tied Inverter 

Livoltek is honored to contribute to Uzbekistan’s clean energy transition through our involvement in a major photovoltaic project. This project aligns seamlessly with Uzbekistan’s renewable energy targets, as outlined in the Uzbekistan’s Presidential Decree Decree No. PP-57 February 16, 2023, The decree aims to commission renewable energy sources with a total capacity of 4300 MW, generate an additional 5 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, and conserve 4.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Livoltek’s installation of a 500 kW three-phase on-grid inverter plays a significant role in facilitating the adoption of renewable energy sources in Uzbekistan. By providing reliable and innovative solutions, we hope to actively contribute to the country’s efforts to promote clean energy and achieve its sustainability goals.

At Livoltek, we are committed to making green energy accessible and affordable for all. Our mission is to provide reliable and innovative solutions that can power the world with clean energy. With our expertise in renewable energy technologies, we hope to further extend our support to Uzbekistan’s clean energy transition and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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