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LIVOLTEK Resolves Inverter Issue in Brazil with Swift After-Sales Intervention

Address: Brazil
Solution: 3 kW On-grid PV Inverter

After receiving the feedback from the end user mentioned above, the LIVOLTEK Brazilian after-sales team, consisting of After-sales Support Engineer Filipe, Account Manager Manuel Shi, our largest distributor Sou Energy with Technical Director Lucas, and the installer, promptly mobilized to the site to assist the user in troubleshooting the inverter.

In the event the fault in the original machine couldn’t be rectified. To ensure the user’s convenience, our local after-sales team provided a brand new 5 kW on-grid inverter as a complimentary backup replacement. However, upon conducting a swift technical diagnosis, they discovered that the issue causing the machine’s failure to generate power was not related to the inverter but the unique installation environment in the user’s home. In response, LIVOLTEK made specific adjustments to the firmware parameters and resolved the issue through a firmware upgrade (from version 3.0 to 3.3). Subsequently, the machine was able to generate power and function normally! It was indeed a gratifying outcome.

This incident exemplifies Livoltek’s unwavering focus on enhancing user experience, demonstrating our commitment to efficiently addressing any challenges encountered during the use of our products!

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