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Livoltek Integrates with TOGG, Elevating Smart Charging Options in the Turkish Market

Address: Turkey
Solution: Ev Charger 

We are pleased to report the successful integration of our EV Charger with TOGG, a prominent electric vehicle brand in Turkey. Our team, comprising R&D specialists, product managers, and technical support experts, executed a meticulous installation process.

Taking a hands-on approach, our team personally visited customers in Turkey, ensuring a smooth integration and addressing any concerns. We provided practical solutions and conducted technical training sessions to enhance user proficiency.

Throughout the installation, our focus on precision and professionalism was evident. From initial discussions to the final implementation, our team upheld the highest standards, ensuring the seamless integration of our EV Chargers.

This collaboration with TOGG marks a significant achievement in our commitment to advancing sustainable transportation. We remain dedicated to providing reliable and efficient solutions, contributing to the growth of electric mobility in Turkey and beyond.

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