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Implementation of Advanced EV Charging Infrastructure at Hangzhou East Railway Station

Address: Hangzhou East Railway Station, China
Solution: Deployment of 70 Sets of 7kW Smart AC EV Chargers

Livoltek, in strategic collaboration with the Hangzhou Municipal Government, announced the successful installation of 70 sets of 7kW Smart AC EV Chargers at the Hangzhou East Railway Station. This milestone project underscores our commitment to advancing sustainable transportation solutions and fostering the integration of clean energy in urban infrastructure.


The Livoltek smart EV chargers, renowned for their advanced capabilities, have been seamlessly integrated into the Hangzhou East Railway Station. Beyond their technical prowess, these chargers boast a compact design, aesthetic appearance, and simplified installation procedures. These features collectively position them as the preferred choice for electric vehicle owners and enterprises seeking to optimize charging operations within the framework of time-of-use tariffs and photovoltaic systems.

This initiative reflects Livoltek’s dedication to driving environmental stewardship through cutting-edge technology. By facilitating the efficient adoption of electric vehicles and promoting clean energy integration, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the broader goals of sustainable urban mobility.

As we continue to innovate and empower communities with environmentally conscious solutions, Livoltek remains committed to supporting initiatives that align with our collective vision for a greener and more sustainable future.

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