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Coming Together as a Family – Livoltek’s Commitment Towards Employee Care

In times of difficulty, it’s often said that unity is strength. Recently the Livoltek family demonstrated a true example of collaboration and harmony. One of our employees faced a financial challenge, and what unfolded next was a heartwarming testament to the generosity and empathy within our team.

When the team learned about his financial predicament, a wave of compassion swept through our office. Without hesitation, employees from various departments came forward, willing to lend a helping hand, and managed to donate PKR 60,000 to meet his needs. This act of solidarity showcased the incredible bond that exists between members of every team, extending beyond professional boundaries.

At Livoltek, there’s a unique sense of fellowship that develops amongst colleagues. While we come from diverse backgrounds and possess different talents, we are united by a common purpose and the desire to support one another.




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