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Basics of EV Charger Explained


As a terminal device applied for EV charging, it is an essential basic support facility for the rapid growth of electric vehicles.

Various types of charging piles can be divided into AC & DC charging posts according to the classification of the output current.

The DC charging pile, commonly known as “fast charging,” is fixed outside the electric vehicle, connected to the AC power grid, selected from the three-phase four-wire 380v frequency stable frequency of 50HZ, making it a DC power supply device for non-vehicle electric vehicle power battery.

A DC voltage is applied to both ends of the battery, charged with a constant high current. The voltage of the battery rises slowly until it reaches a certain level, the battery voltage reaches the nominal value, and the SoC reaches 95% or more. Continue to charge the battery with constant voltage and a small current. The voltage has gone up, but the power is not fully charged. In addition, it is available applying a small current to fill it up.

AC charging piles normally called slow charging, with no charging function, must be connected for EV charging, which realizes precise control to power supply. The AC charging pile fixedly installed on the electric vehicle, is a power supply device that provides AC power for the electric vehicle on-board charger. The AC charging pile only provides power output and has no charging function. The subsequent rectification and DC/DC conversion are completed by the on-board charger, and the charging pile only plays the role of a power controller.

Compared with household electric cars,  commercial operating vehicles require higher demand of battery range, which can be widely applied in bus stations, cab parking, etc. In addition, the whole charging efficiency of DC charging pile is equivalent high. With the glorious construction of DC charging pile, the application of AC charging pile will be eliminated in the future.

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